This blog is devoted to issues centering around why a forensic audit of the Riverside Superior Court needs to be mandated by the California State Auditor.

We are all aware that the mediators and evaluators are a problem with the Court. However, the real problem and the weakest link in the court system are the relevant Judicial officers who fail to uphold the law and who use the law for their perverse, vindictive, malicious judicial harassment.

In the case of the Riverside Superior Court, Indio branch, Judge Dale Wells, has been allowed to be the weapon of mass destruction of choice, destroying countless children and their parents and collecting a salary that CA taxpayers pay.

Taxpayers are paying for the “privilege” of being legally raped, battered and massacered by the Riverside Superior Court. Taxpayers are paying for the privilege of having their children used as weapons of choice by malicious and vindictive judges who have no interest in upholding the law that they swore an oath to.

This website is devoted to exposing the corruption that exists in the Riverside Superior Court and the pervasive disregard for any law.

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